by Acoustalyn

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Just Will Reach lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved. if you’re not sure where to start; put your head before your heart; when you finally reach the shore; may you find peace at your door; ‘cause you’ve cried too often, too loudly, too soon to ever be consoled again; and you wipe the sleep away to begin another day throw your troubles to the wind; holding the brass ring just out of reach; see it there dangling in your hand; frozen in our tracks we never do decide; a shadow creeps across the land; and we pray that it may not be nearly over; when we are brought into this world; uncut diamonds, untarnished pearls; we trust in trust until we realize; we haven’t yet opened up our eyes; we’ve fallen too often, too far, and too soon; to ever be fooled again; the sun will clear away the fog from the bay; that the fisher’s might see clearly within;
Mother lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; all right reserved. Do you remember, when I was a baby, you used to feed me, helped me become alive; and every morning, you worried about me, fretting about the dangers, waiting for me outside; I know you love me, even though I disappoint you; the biggest failure still shines in their Mother’s eyes; but please consider, a not so selfless manner; I want to know you too were happy before you die. Even though now you have gone away from me, I live forever this gift that you have given me; and I know it won’t be easy having these memories but your heart still beats in mine for all the world to see love will be the cure of this I am sure a mother’s love will endure, steadfast and pure; Then there was something, we were told about you; you’re sun was setting, time to say goodbye; and I won’t ever forget you, and try not to regret you; and I’ll try to keep you always in my mind’s eye; and I think you loved me, even when I wasn’t with you; you were always for me, always on my side; and whenever I think that I’m happy , I’ll remember how often you cried; I battle with cold bouts of bitter loneliness; trying to find my way back to the shore; a light then beckons plaintively through ochre mist; then I realize salvation was given me in the womb; and never shall I fear any more;
POISON THE WELL lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved. Travelin’ Fred was a friend of mine, and he never let me down; he filled the world with beauty and in his songs there could be found; daily bread truth and honor for the world; then I met a woman who’s laughter filled my soul but I had to let her down; somehow along the way she never learned how to say; anything that could make me whole; You have poisoned the well; and it’s much too soon to tell; to whom you would do malice, and in who’s heart you will dwell; you have poisoned the well; Back in the day there’s a place we used to go, far from the beaten path; we’d come early for the show and before we‘d even know; we were better, one and all; and then one day as I did lay, in the fields of velvet green; a stranger came to town and tore our temple down; and our lives have never been the same; I ask you what you what you would do if all your roots were pulled out from under you? now the skies are grey and I’m leaving here today, there’s nothing left to do, I feel sorry for you;
Hearth lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved. when the sun begins to set, our fires we burn low; just enough to warm our hearts within its’ welcome glow; we all gather ‘round to hear the many tales; passed down from tongue to ear like winds guiding a sail; may we go on year to year, in our welcome monotony; forsaking the many for the few has blessed me with you; when the rain begins to fall, to our shelters we will go; the thunder awakes the darkened skies and the swelling rivers flow; together we take heart in this place that we call home; amidst our huddled families a hearth carved in stone; and I sometimes think I hear, a hidden symphony; sounding through the shadows where I sleep, playing just for me; take comfort in the welcoming sunset of our lives lest we forget; that other days to wander may arrive there’s no need to wander yet; the heart and hearth will stand the test of time, time after time;
Stirling Bridge lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved. When we came of age near Stirling bridge, we were determined to a man; I was called the sin of my family’s pride, a bastard in this land; we came to face King Edward’s pride, united in our clans; to save the honor of Scotland Free or to die where we stand; though I did not hail from the Wallace line, we gave issue to the man; whom one day would a martyr be made by England’s iron hand; we bided our time at the river Forth out of sight of the narrow bridge; when the English had committed themselves we came heavy from ‘oer the ridge; to defend a point of honor, or to follow a charismatic man; are we being led to a slaughter, just a part of some fool’s plan? no I do not recall the last time that I saw my brother alive; I was told he fell down by the river, taking many before he died; I shall carry his soul back to the Highlands, I will console his children and his wife; do not parlay with the dagger lest ye are answered with the knife;
Take A Chance lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved. there’s a presence in your grace a halo in your smile; that outshines the morning sun; with you by my side I could walk a crooked mile; I love you; there used to be a time when I was all on my own; the teardrops fell like rain; now that I’ve met you I don’t want to be alone; I am for you; if you take a chance on me, I will take a chance on you; and nothing will stand in our way; you took a chance on me, I took a chance on you; and never shall we see another lonely day; nothing worthwhile comes easy; sometimes you have to poke and prod; love sometimes means you have to gamble, but we have beaten to odds; for you took a chance on me, I took a chance on you; we should count ourselves lucky we turned out this way; now that our two lives have become a single cause; let’s not hide ourselves away; that I’ve given you my life and let you come inside; should show that I adore you;
Vigil lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved. calling all the sinners out tonight; it’s a good enough reason to unite; can’t get enough done day to day and the lying-in season’s upon us anyway; I move towards the ever shining light; the first traces of morning come into sight; we hold our breath at the children‘s wishes their vigil endures the night; may all their Christmases be bright; there’s a thousand golden halos out tonight; and a million flickering stars up in the sky; I get on my knees and I pray that all the bad things will go away; forget all your troubles and your fright; everything’s gonna be alright; mend all your fences so the little ones just might; have a wondrous and peaceful Christmas night; pull the blankets tightly warm in your bed; dreaming Christmas visions in your head;
Daddy’s Come Home lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; all right reserved. We’re still hanging out on the corners; another season’s come and gone; still missing a piece of myself; done sang all my Christmas songs; somewhere lonely in a cheap motel; I imagine him thinking of me; cursing himself for nor picking up the phone; still that old telephone don’t ring; My daddy’s come home someday; he’ll chase my blues away; C My daddy’s come home someday; he’ll chase my blues away; then I heard he was seen in the city; wandering the frozen streets alone; back and forth between situations; outta luck, on the streets, with a heart of stone; he probably don’t know that there’s anything else; but he could knock upon my door; if all that hard living hasn’t crippled him inside; you don’t have to run any more; so there, in life, each chance we take; we may have to live with for ever more; despite all the promises we make; each new day may lead us astray; when we don’t know what we’re waiting for;
Capture My Soul lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved. come and hear my hard luck stories from days gone by; memories that remind me of a time when I held my head up high; sordid and shameless, there’s no need to apologize; a couple of curious creatures sometimes known to others as you and I; found some pictures from an old county fair; didn’t capture your soul, but I thought you would be there; lately I seem to feel you everywhere; you captured my soul like a beautiful nightmare; all inclusive sets a mood by which I might define; all things I hold dearly, all that I have to remember you by; lonely and loathsome, silently I pray that you might not decline; those who came before you prepared me well to love you for the rest of my life; choose another path if you feel you must, but heaven don’t forsake us; I will be what you need me to be; give to me whatever you can and I’ll try my best to understand; I’ll love you forever if you’ll give one moment to me;
I Know lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; all right reserved. contained within these photographs, I can see a trace of how my life used to be; hidden away on an attic shelf, yellowed and forgotten with the time I begin to see; that once my life was a fairytale, kept promises and wishing wells; I was ready....for anything; how long will it take for me to be; someone I’d be proud to say is me; I know, I know; a little bit more about myself; and I know, I know, I shouldn’t be thinking about myself; but when I look into the reflecting pool I’m still the only one I see; I wish there was something else here for me; curious nights into beautiful days, around the edges a lingering gray; uncertainty, a withering; when I’m alone I wish myself into fantasy worlds between heaven and hell but none of that lasts, I’m lingering; don’t want to spend my whole life in this room; afraid to breathe or make a move; wasn’t like a slow storm building; it was a sudden and full awakening; not like a heavy, belabored breathing; more like a cleansing wind blew into my very soul; and it saved my life and eased my troubled mind; still so much I want to do with so little time;
What Kind Of Love lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; All rights reserved. I woke up this morning, the sleep was in my eyes; bit I wasn’t so blind I couldn’t see; that the reason I bother to wake up at all; is knowing that you’re in love with me; you gave me all your glory, you gave me a break; and now my life will never be the same; now when I’m out hustling I don’t even have to try; ‘cause I’m already ahead of the game; tell me, what kind of love, what kind of love; any kind of love you give to me; baby, you’re kind of love fits me like a glove; and the best kind of love’s still yet to be; Let’s go write a story; let’s go write a book; all about the way things are gonna be; but let’s leave everyone guessing and never write the end; no, we’ll save that part for you and me; Say goodbye to loneliness; constant companion, my best friend; I found a haven where I can take my rest; I’ll stand no discomfort but the love you send;


released June 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Acoustalyn Austin, Texas

Acoustalyn is an Austin-based musical act entitled "Acoustalyn", featuring two females vocalists, acoustic guitarists, violin, mandolin, percussion, and bass. They play extensively throughout Austin and Central Texas.
Acoustalyn's music incorporates beautiful melodies and vocal harmonizing with thoughtful lyrics, and covers a wide range of acoustic genres including folk, bluegrass, and Celtic.
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